Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've got a secret and I can't explain

I've got a huge, hideous crush.
On Detective Elliot Stabler AKA Mister Christopher Meloni. It's common knowledge in my house that I get all goofy-eyed over the Detective Stabler and his weekly appearances on Law and Order: SVU. Don't even get me started on Oz.

My daughter even noticed that I became fixated when Mr. Meloni made brief appearances on Noggin between shows.

I have no shame.


  1. Umm, better than Munch? And I totally have the hots for Steve from Blues Clues so there ya go.

  2. LOL I have never looked at him like that...

  3. To answer your question, yes that is Woodburn :)

  4. He is pretty fine, and I laughed when you wrote about him making appearances between Noggin!


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